A Peek on Domain Business

I have some blog posts in the past rattling about how some domains were sold for thousand dollars while other expensive domains like got sold for $12 million. Although I own a number of domains, the value is not that much yet. This venture requires some capital or cash-out - domain cost, development, hosting if needed and listing fees. Unfortunately, I do not have that much extra money to make this venture a bigger one so it is just one of those opportunities I have been working on slowly.

A few weeks ago, some people I met online decided to make a pool and give domain business a try. With a pool, several people join together meager resources to be able to start a simple yet said-to-be lucrative business. Policies are still being polished and we expect to start soon. With this new venture, expect some future posts to talk about domains and the business itself. I'll be sharing info as I find them on the web. Hopefully, the information will help in the success of the said business.

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